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in Central and Western
New York 
Best Trails and Water Routes for Finding Birds







Birdwatching is one of America's favorite recreational activities.

This guide shows when, where and how to find and enjoy birds that migrate through Central and Western New York as well as ones that take up year-round residence. There are maps and directions for travel on foot, by canoe or kayak, by bicycle and even a few where you don't have to leave your car.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why Central & Western NY is a prime birdwatching area

  • Where to go to find specific species of birds

  • When is the best time to look for certain species

  • Simple keys to bird identification History of bird development and how it affects where you�re likely to find them today

  • How to have fun outdoors with minimal environmental impact

  • Recommendations for selecting binoculars

  • Tips on photographing, video and sound recording birds for added enjoyment

  • How to keep a personal bird sighting log

Birdwatching is a year-round activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. 
Join the flock with Birding in Central and Western New York

Location of Trails

Contents of Book

Important Bird Area Program 
What Are Birds 
Other Features
Where & How to Find Birds
Bird Identification
Bird Finder List
To Enhance Your Enjoyment 
Safety & Environment

Routes in the Far West
1    Dunkirk Harbor and Point Gratiot Park   
2    Allegany State Park - Red Jacket Trail  
3    Allegany State Park - Black Snake Trail

Routes near Buffalo
4    Buckhorn Island State Park - Long Trail 
5    Buckhorn Island State Park - Woods Creek
6    Tillman Road Wildlife Management Area - Trail   
7    Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve - Trail
8    Beaver Meadow Audubon Center - Pondside Trail & Beaver Pond Trail
9    Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge - Onondaga Trail
10  Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge - Oak Orchard Creek Canoe Route

Routes near Rochester
11  Lower Oak Orchard Creek - Canoe Route
12  Cranberry Pond Nature Trail
13  Salmon Creek - Canoe Route
14  Braddock Bay Raptor Research - Waterfowl Refuge Trail
15  Greece Canal Park Trail
16  Black Creek Park Trail
17  Black Creek Park - Canoe Route
18  Mendon Ponds Park - Birdsong Trail
19  Mendon Ponds Park - Quaker Pond Trail

Routes in the Finger Lakes Region
20  Clossner's Marsh  - Canoe Route
21  Ossian State Forest - Bicycle or Driving Loop 
22  Keeney Swamp State Forest - Bicycle or Driving Loop
23  Conesus Inlet Fish and Wildlife Management Area - Trail
24  Conesus Inlet Fish and Wildlife Management Area - Canoe Route
25  Hemlock Lake Trail
26  Hemlock Lake Canoe Route
27  Canadice Lake Trail
28  Canadice Lake Canoe Route
29  Harriet Hollister Spencer Memorial State Recreation Area - Bear Cub Run Trail
30  West River Marsh -  Canoe Route

Routes near Syracuse
31  Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge - Wildlife Drive
32  Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge - Esker Brook Trail
33  Howland Island Wildlife Management Area - Canoe Loop
34  Beaver Lake Nature Center - Lake Loop Trail
35  Beaver Lake Nature Center - Canoe Route
36  Three Mile Bay Wildlife Management Area - Canoe Route
37  Green Lakes State Park � Rolling Hills Trail

Routes near Ithaca
38  Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Sapsucker Woods - Wilson Trail

Routes near Binghamton
39  Chenango Valley State Park - Woodland Trail
40  Nathaniel Cole Park  Lakeview Trail

Birding Organizations & Birdwatching Clubs
Personal Birding Log 
Recommended Reading
Index - Land Routes
Index - Water Routes
Index - Handicapped Accessible Places
Index - Routes by Level of Difficulty 
Word Index
Author Biography