Keeney Swamp State Forest
� Bicycle or Driving Route


Location:                    Birdsall, Allegany County

From I-390 take exit 4 (Dansville) and turn right on Route 36. Head south and                                      turn right on Route 70. Continue through the town of Canaseraga. Turn left                                      at the village of Garwoods. Take County Road 15-B about 1 mile then turn                                      right on County Road 15-A. Continue about 3 miles and turn left on County                                      Road 16. In a few hundred yards turn left (yellow metal gate) on the state                                      forest dirt road near the creek. This is Gordon Forest Road and the start of                                      your route. (There is a parking lot at intersection of County Roads 15A & 16.)

Admission:                 Free

Route Distance:       
About 3.5 miles (more if you choose to explore)

Time To Drive:         
About 30 minutes by car (longer if you wish)

Route Conditions:    
The dirt road is sometimes muddy (gates are often closed during winter and                                       at other times depending on road conditions.)

Difficulty Level:         1 if driving, 2 if bicycling

Birds Likely Seen:  
Woodland birds, finches, warblers, bluebirds, herons, shore birds, blackbirds,                                       geese, widgeons, mallards, blue-wing and green-wing teal and wood ducks

Other Uses:              
Trapping, canoeing, fishing, hunting and photography

NYS DEC Region 9
                            5425 County Route 48
                                      Belmont, NY1481
(716) 268-5392

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Route: Start into Keeney Swamp State Forest at the yellow metal gate and head east about 3/8 of a mile. The road will zigzag to the south another 3/8 of a mile, and then head east again, for 5/8 of a mile. Then the road will come to a �T.� Going left takes you to the marsh, which is officially part of Keeney Swamp Wildlife Area. In this habitat, there are opportunities to see shore birds, herons, swans, geese, ducks, turkey vultures and hawks. 

If you go to the right the route continues another 2 miles to the finish. At about � of a mile, Fitch Hill Road will come in from the right. Continue another � mile and the road turns left. Check the water area on your left for birds. At the end, turn left on County Road 15B to return to Garwoods and Route 70.

Although much of Keeney Swamp can be canoed, it is shallow, and in some spots, very confined. A kayak would work better.


Birds Seen:

Other Observations: