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          Road Tours of New York's
      Historic Buildings

17 self-guided tours for observing the history and diversity of unique cobblestone buildings.

Historical Secrets Revealed

Learn why, during a mere 35-year span in the middle of the 19th century, approximately 700 cobblestone structures were erected within a 65-mile radius of Rochester, New York, and no where else. Many have endured the test of time and stand today as monuments to human ingenuity in using available resources. Learn about this creative building technique and about the lives of the early pioneers who developed it.

Go See For Yourself

On the tours you'll view a diversity of cobblestone buildings, including homes, farmhouses, barns, stagecoach taverns, smokehouses, stores, churches, schools, factories, and more. Each cobblestone
building is a unique work of folk art, created by local craftsmen.

Enjoy the tours by car, motorcycle or bicycle. 
A must for history buffs.

Stay in a Cobblestone Bed & Breakfast

208 pages, 85 photos, 20 maps, indexed, paperback, 10 X 7 inches
ISBN# 1930480199

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Location of Tours


Table of Contents

What is a Cobblestone? 
Where Did the Cobbles Come From? 
Cobblestone Building Periods 
Demise of Cobblestone Construction 
Did Cobblestone Construction Originate in N.Y.? 
U.S. History of Cobblestone Building 
Why Build Cobblestone Buildings?
Gathering & Sorting Stones 
Mortar Magic 
Who Were The Masons? 
Building Techniques 
Myth Buster 
You Are There 
Types of Structures Built 
Architectural Style 
Components of a Cobblestone House 
What Are The Tours? 
How to Spot a Cobblestone Building 
Map Legend

The Tours
Tour 1 -   Northwest of Lockport 
Tour 2 -   North of Lockport 
Tour 3 -   North of Albion 
Tour 4 -   Greece, Hilton, Hamlin, 
                Clarkson and Parma 
Tour 5 -   North of Batavia 
Tour 6 -   South of Batavia 
Tour 7 -   Genesee, Avon and Lima 
Tour 8 -   Chili and Henrietta 
Tour 9 -   Pittsford, Mendon and Victor 
Tour 10 - Webster, Perinton, Walworth
                and Ontario 
Tour 11 - Williamson, Ontario 
                and Pultneyville 
Tour 12 - Sodus area 
Tour 13 - Palmyra, Macedon and Marion 
Tour 14 - Newark, Phelps 
                and Clifton Springs 
Tour 15 - Sodus, Lyons, Alloway 
                and Junius 
Tour 16 - Geneva, Seneca and Gorham 
Tour 17 - Weedsport, Cato and Elbridge 

Cobblestone Museums to Visit 
Cobblestone Bed & Breakfasts 
Cobblestone Restaurants 
Places to Find Additional Cobblestone Information 
Word Index 



Tour 4 - Gallup Rd. Spencerport, NY

  Tour 6 - McLernon Rd., Bethany Center, NY  


Tour 9 - Auburn & Rochester Pumphouse
Fishers, NY


 "A terrific guide to this unusual construction method. While I was reading, each time I would come up with a question, you would answer it shortly thereafter. Thanks for doing your mind reading act with me and anticipating my questions. The book is interesting to read. Even more interesting are the driving maps that guide you to numerous examples."
Donald S. Hall, Rochester, NY 
(a cobblestone affectionato)


Road Tours of New York's Historic Buildings



208 pages, 85 photos, 20 maps, indexed, paperback, 
10 X 7 inches
ISBN# 1930480199

Instant Download E-Book
(8.8 MB PDF)  $11.99 using PayPal or your credit card.
No longer available in paperback.