What Others are Saying about Peak Experiences

"Gary Fallesen's Peak Experiences is an excellent, comprehensive guide, full of solid outdoor-skills advice, detailed how-to-get-there information, and interesting local lore. But it's also more than just a hiking guidebook--it's a quest. Those who read it are likely to find themselves among the summit-obsessed, traveling trails and back roads in search of one county high spot after another. What a great way to discover New York!"
Terry Krautwurst, outdoor writer

"Gary Fallesen has put together much more than a been-there-done-that collection of statewide hiking sites. Each of his 62 outing reports serves as the outline for a full-length article or at least a small book. He has gone to the top at each location and gives the reader a fine collection of truly Peak Experiences. What makes the reading even more remarkable is that he was able to reach all these heights in less than one calendar year. Whether you would like to repeat the feat or simply plant your feet along a nearby trail or two, this text will serve as a great guide."
Will Elliott, outdoor writer, The Buffalo News & New York Outdoor Times

"Peak Experiences is well researched and written in a manner which will provide the user with many interesting facts and details for reaching or viewing the highest point in each county of New York State. Just as there are those inclined to climb the ADK list of the 46 highest Adirondack peaks in New York State, Peak Experiences will offer a similar challenge across the entire state for locating and climbing if possible, the highest natural point in each of New York State's 62 counties. Thank you, Gary for bringing us Peak Experiences. I am looking forward to an excelsior (New York motto meaning higher) experience in many of our New York counties."
Howard Beye, Chair, Trail Management Committee, Finger Lakes Trail Conference

"High is beautiful to many hikers. This thoroughly researched guide about the highest peaks in New York will delight all levels of climbers. Fallesen combines folksy introductions for each mountain, with natural history, map and profile, local accommodations, and sweat ratings. One-of-a-kind: serendipitous that Footprint Press published this book."
Anne LaBastille, Adirondack author and licensed wilderness guide has written nine books, the latest being Jaguar Totem.

"More than simply being a guidebook to the highest point in each county of New York State, 'Peak Experiences' is a roadmap for learning about the geography, and geology of the state as well as touching on some contemporary environmental issues. It takes readers and explorers on a journey from a street corner in one of the most densely populated and built-up cityscapes in the world to a bushwhack through some of the wildest and most remote terrain found in the rugged Adirondack Park. Written by someone who has thoroughly researched the topic, and taken the time to fully appreciate each of the places he has visited, this book helps communicate the diversity of the land and the wildlife, as well as the people found within the boundaries of New York State."
Carl Heilman II ... licensed NYS guide, nature photographer, and author of Adirondacks: Views of An American Wilderness

"Fair warning: This book compels those who read it to carry it uphill at least 62 times (the number of counties, and thus county high spots, in New York). No matter, though, Gary Fallesen's fine writing, wit, insight, and advice make great hiking companions. You'll enjoy every step of the way."
Terry Krautwurst, outdoor writer

“Climbing mountains – or hills – is the best way to escape our loud, crazy, much-too-rapid lives. Gary has a genuine passion for these climbs, and this book is the ideal guide for those of us who need to get away.”

David Ramsey, feature writer, The Syracuse Newspapers

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