Local Authors in the Rochester, NY & Finger Lakes Region

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 Rochester Authors Network Group

Ambrosi, John Thomas
            Route 15 to Gettysburg - A Journey
Adams, Robert
            Fireman’s Cookbook
Barclay, Suzanne  (View information about her books) 
            Knight Dreams
            Knight's Lady
            Knights Honor
            Lion's Heart
            Lion of the North
            Lion's Legacy
            Knight's Ransom
            Knight's Divided
            Kara's Gift (part of Knights of Christmas)
            Knight's Rebellion
            Lion's Lady
            A Touch of Myrrh (part of The Gifts of Christmas)
            Pride of Lions 
            Taming the Lion
Barons, C. M.
            In the Midst Of
Barrett, Richard
Bartula, Peter
            The Complete Male Handbook for Sex, Dating and Other Trivial Stuff
Basile, Francis 
            Rochester's Best Places
            Buffalo's Best
Beahan, Larry
             Allegany Hellbender Tails
Beale, Irene A.
            William P. Letchworth - A Man For Others
            Genesee Country Senecas
            Genesee Valley Woman
            Genesee Valley People
Blasi, Kathleen
             A Name of Honor
             Are Organized Sports Better for Kids Than Pickup Games? (Aug 2006)
Bitter, Cindy
           Good Enough, when losing is winning; perfection becomes obsession, and thin enough can never be achieved
Blackberry, Wren
           Under the Grass
           Levitical Day
           Deep Echoes to Deep
          TBD: Anything but Static
          TBD: Math Fiction
Botzman, Harvey
            Long Distance Bicycle Touring Primer
            Erie Canal Bicyclist & Hiker Route Guide
            Round Lake Ontario, A Bicyclist’s Tour Guide
            Round Lake Erie, A Bicyclist’s Tour Guide
            Round Lake Michigan, A Bicyclist’s Tour Guide
       Round Lake Huron, A Bicyclist’s Tour Guide
Bouare, Mody
Boyd, Beth
Bowman, Alice W.
            Twinkle Dust - His Awesome Adventure
            Twinkle Dust
Bradbury, Judy
       One Carton of Oops!
            Double Bubble Trouble!
            A High-Fiving Gift for Mom!
            Doggone Lemonade Stand!
Brand, Alice Glarden
            Court of Common Pleas
Britt, Laurence W.
           June 2004
Bruno, Otto
Buckwell, Ramona Amish
            Nosy - A Pig Tale
Byfield, Burt
          Rage of the Bear
Cahn, William
          Rochester's Orchestra
Carosa, Christopher
Due Diligence: The Individual Trustee's Guide to Selecting and Monitoring a Professional Investment Adviser
Carper, Steve
          Milk is Not for Every Body, Living with Latose Intolerance
Chandler, Robert R.
           I Miss Your Purple Hair
           Minus the Imple
Clark, Rose Marie
           There is a Future in the Past
Clune, Henry W.
        The Genesee
Collins, Marita
       The Light Body; A Transformational Cooking Guide to Health-Supportive Cooking
Cummins, Judi
       Ginger The Wonder Beagle
       Ginger and Snoops
       Flying Free Again
       It's Raining Acorns and Ladybugs
Curtice, Jr, Edward P.  (Co-Author)
            Runnin’ Crazy: a Portrait of the Genesee River
Dalmath, Gabe
            Image is Rochester
 Dalton, Samuel
Second Coming
Dawson, Len
            The Devil's Alibi

            Everyone's On the Take
            Dead Lucky
Destephano, Mary
            Here, Have Somemore
 Dickens, Larry
            Mrs. McGillacuddy's Garden Party
            Forever Ten
            Tropical Depression
Dilmore, Charles H.
            My Quirks and My Compass
Doeffinger, Derek
            Waterfalls & Gorges of the Finger Lakes
Dubois, Eugene E.
            The City of Fredrick Douglas- Rochester's African-American People & Places
Durante, Georgia
            The Company She Keeps   
Durgin, Doranna   (View information about her books)
            Dun Lady's Jess
            Touched by Magic
            Wolf Justice
            Wolverine's Daughter
Edic, Richard & Martin
Elyjiw, Vera
Engstrom, Sallee Fox
            The Infinitude of the Private Man
Falk, Elizabeth
          Freedom's Fire
          Lettie's North Star
Fallesen, Gary 
             Peak Experiences
Fraleigh, Sondra
            Dance and the Lived Body
            Researching Dance
            Dancing Darkness
Freeman, Rich & Sue
Take A Paddle-  Western NY Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks
            Take A Paddle- Finger Lakes Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks

Take A Hike!  Family Walks in the Rochester Area
            Take Your Bike!  Family Rides in the Rochester Area
            Bruce Trail - An Adventure Along the Niagara Escarpment
            Take A Hike!  Family Walks in the Finger Lakes & Genesee Valley Region
            Take Your Bike! Family Rides in the Finger Lakes & Genesee Valley Region
            Snow Trails - X-Country Ski & Snowshoe in Central & Western NY
            200 Waterfalls in Central & Western NY
Fullerton, Dan
APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials
Gangi, Rayna
            Mary Jemison - White Woman of the Seneca
Gateley, Susan Peterson
            Ariel's World - an Exploration of Lake Ontario
            Sweet Waters - Stories of Lake Ontario
            The Lake Watcher's Guide -  Fins and Feathers, vol.1

            Muskrat Ramble on Sterling Creek Marsh
Gehret, Jeanne
Genovese, Rosalie G.
            Americans at Midlife - Caught between Generations
George, Gregory F., D.D.S.
            Look Mom..No Cavities!
German, Donna Rathmell
            Edible Pockets for Every Meal
Gogolski, Adam
The Wealding Word
Gurley, Judy
          Alter - A Simple Path to Emotional Wellness
Hamilton-Dunn, Mary
          Upstate Odyssey – the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Western New York
Hanks, Cyndy Hennig 
             Boulder Amusement Park: The Biography of a Carrousel
Harmison, Victoria
Harris, Stirlin
Hartman, Gary
          The Campgrounds of New York
 Henry, Cynthia
Holdren, Mark W.
           Spirit Wolf
Holtey, Athena & Tom 
           Sit-on-top Kayaking A Beginner's Guide
Hood, Edward W.
          The Prophecy
Hullfish, William
           The Canaller's Songbook
Johmann, Carol  
        The Lewis & Clark Expedition: Join the Corps of Discovery to Explore Uncharted Territory
        Skyscrapers! Super Structures to Design & Build
           Going West! Journey on a Wagon Train to Settle a Frontier Town
Bridges! Amazing Structures to Design, Build, and Test
           Gobble Up Nature
           Gobble Up Science
Humphrey, Paul
           Times of Life
         Saline Secretions - A Poetic Anthology of Epic Proportions
Johnson, Mary Ann
           Ghosts Along the Erie
Johnson, Sabrina 
           The Better Man
Johnson, Sue
           Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren
Klees, Emerson
        The Women's Rights Movement and the Finger Lakes Region
          The Erie Canal in the Finger Lakes Region
          Underground Railroad Tales: With Routes through the Finger Lakes Region
          Legends & Stories of the Finger Lakes Region
          More Legends & Stories of the Finger Lakes Region
          People, Places, and Things In the Finger Lakes Region
          People, Places, and Things Around the Finger Lakes Region
          People of the Finger Lakes Region

          One Plus One Equals Three

          Entrepreneurs in History
Kneeland, Donald
          The Way It Was according to A Magnificent Trio

         The Way It Was according to Some Savvy Settlers
         The Way It Was according to The Founding Pioneers
         The Way It Was according to A Pair of Pioneer Preachers
Kolko, Cynthia
Fruit of the Vine   (Order the book)
Koparkar, Mohan, PhD
          Moon Mansions
          Degrees of the Zodiac Magnified
          Lunar Nodes
          Carmie & the Other World
          Aspects Magnified
          Precise Progressed Charts
Korpela, Janet Winn
          In Hearts That Love, One Woman's Story
          Ira Winn - Lighthouse Pioneer
Lacey, Ann (Co-Author)
            Dr. Rickey - Wednesday's Promise
Langlois, John H.
          On God's Doorstep- The Lazarus Experience- A Personal Journal of Cancer & the "Near Death" Experience"
Lee Stagnitto, Mary Ellen
          Danny and Life on Bluff Point: the blizzard of '95
          Danny and Life on Bluff Point
          Danny and Life on Bluff Point: Lost in the Dark
          Danny and Life on Bluff Point: The Man on the Train
          Danny and Life on Bluff Point: My Horse Sally
         Danny and Life on Bluff Point: the Conflict
Lehr, Teresa K.  (Co-Author)
          To Serve the Community
Lent, Max
           Government Online
           Photography Galleries and Selected Museums
Leonard, J
           The Chicken at Kitchen Hill
Leone, Norma Leonardi
          Computers Made Really Easy for Beginners
Lyon, Nancy
          Scatter the Mud - A Traveler's Medley
Mandelaro, Jim  
          Silver Seasons: The Story of the Rochester Red Wings
Maples, Phillip G.  (Co-Author)
           To Serve the Community
Marah, John K.
            African People in the Global Village
Marruggi, Edward Albert
            Mushrooms, Sausages, and Wine: Life With An Immigrant Father
Martin, Rafe
            The Brave Little Parrot
            The Monkey Bridge
            The Eagle's Gift
            One Hand Clapping
            The Boy Who Loved Mammoths
            Mysterious Tales of Japan
            The Boy Who Lived With the Seals
            The Rough Faced Girl
            Will's Mammouth
            Foolish Rabbit's Big Mistake
            Dear as Salt
            A Storyteller's Story
            Ghostly Tales of Japan   (Audio Tape)
            Animal Dreaming   (Audio Tape)  
McCarthy, John
            Finger Lakes Revisited
McCulley, DeWayne
            Death to Diabetes
McQuade, Angele co-author
            Investment Clubs for Dummies (Hungry Minds, Dec. 2001)
Mercury, Catherine
          Think of Wind
Merrill, Arch
         Shadows on the Wall - Tales of N.Y.S.

A River Ramble

      Saga of the Genesee Valley
Middleton, Daniel,
The 7 Points of Write
Mierswa, Ruth  (view information about her books)
         Who You Are and Why You Are Here
         Ray-Centered Astrology?
Molaire, Mike F.
           African-American Who’s Who
Monfredo, Miriam Grace
Must the Maiden Die
         North Star Conspiracy
         Seneca Falls Inheritance
         Blackwater Spirits
         Through A Golden Eagle
Moran, Joanne L.
          The Popcorn Kid from Hornell, NY
Murray, Christine
         Teaching in America
Murray, R. L.
          The Redemption of the "Harper's Ferry Cowards"
          Hurray for Ould Flag! The True Story of Captain Cowan & the 1st N.Y.
                                            Independent Battery at Gettysburg
Naiman, Rina   (View information about her book)
          A Family For Christmas
Naparsteck, Martin
          War Song
          A Hero's Welcome
Noland, Charles
       The Adventures of Drew and Ellie: The Magical Dress
       The Adventures of Drew and Ellie: The Daring Rescue
       The Adventures of Drew and Ellie: The Missing Medal
O'Dea, Joseph C., DVM
          Olympic Vet
       The Racing Imperative
       Genesee Valley
       Genesee Valley II
O'Dell, Anne
         Ride New York - 35 Horse and Multiple-Use Trails in the Empire State
Pettibone, Charles
           The Organization and Order of Battle of Militaries in World War II
                    Volume I - Germany
                    Volume II - The British Commonwealth
                     Volume III - The United States
                     Volume IV - Japan
                     Volume V Book A - The Union of Social Socialist Republics (fall '08 release)
                      Volume V Book B - The Union of Social Socialist Republics (fall '08 release)
Pitoniak, Scott   (Co-Author)
           Silver Seasons: The Story of the Rochester Red Wings
Ponton, Scott
           A Journey Through Fire
Pratt, Barbara Wunder (Co-Author)
           Dr. Rickey - Wednesday's Promise
Rawady, Ed
           Everywhere & Everything
- A Spiritual Story About the First Dream
Reade, David Lawrence
          Beyond Buffalo
Rebar, Jack
          The Erie Canal
Reisen, Richard O.   (Photography by Andy Olenick)
          200 Years of Rochester Architecture & Gardens
Ressis, Jim
          The Art of Cooking for Singles
Rieth, Elizabeth   (Co-Author)
          Bridges! Amazing Structures to Design, Build, and Test
          Gobble Up Nature
          Gobble Up Science
          Going West
Robbins, Dianne
          The Hollow Earth
          The Call Goes Out
Rochester Museum & Science Center
          Images "Afro-Rochester" 1910-1935
Roche, Lyn
         Coping With Caring; When Someone You Love Has Alzheimer's or a Related Condition

Roche, Lyn and Bill
          Sharing The Care; When Someone You Love Resides in an Adult Care Facility

Rosella, Vincent P. 
          Not Without Protest
Rosenberg-Napersteck, Ruth   
          Runnin’ Crazy: A Portrait of the Genesee River
        Rochester - A Pictorial History

        Young Peoples History of Rochester
Roxin, Paul
          One Foot on the Ground - A Pilot's Memoirs of Aviators & Aviation
Ruda, Jack
         Co-Existing with Cancer or, You Thought  Living  With Your In-Laws Was Difficult!
Rupley, Frances
          A Walking Tour of the University at Buffalo & Other Area Architectural Treasures
Ryan, Patricia 
        Silken Threads 
        The Return of the Black Sheep
        Falcon's Fire
        A Burning Touch
        For The Thrill of It
        Heaven's Fire
        Twice the Spice
        Secret Thunder
        Wild Wind
        Summer Heat
        In Hot Persuit
Sakmyster, David
        Twilight of the Fifth Sun
        The Belhurst Story
Self, Bill
        Customer 3D
Shaw, Richard  
The Next President of the United States
Shay, Kathryn  
        The Father Factor
        A Suitable Bodyguard
        Michael's Family
        Just One Night
        Cop of the Year
        Because It's Christmas
Shay, Raymond
        Temagami Factor
Shear, Hazel M.
        The Wellsville Story - The Willing Story - The Alma Story
Shilling, Don
        Rochester's Lakeside Resorts and Amusement Parks

      A Towpath Tale (2010)
      Rochester's Remarkable Past (2011)
Rochester's Marvel's & Myths (2011)
A Photographic History of Bausch + Lomb (2011)
 They Put Rochester On The Map (2012)
A Rochester Ramble (2012)
Rochester's Movie Mania (2013)
Smyczynski, Christine A.
      Western New York An Explorer's Guide: From Niagara Falls and Southern Ontario to the Western Edge of the Finger Lakes
Sottile, Joe 
Bathroom Vacation and Other Poems  
Spier, Peter
        Erie Canal
Stevens, Marji
        Teedle's Treasure
Strong Memorial Hospital, Friends of
        Delicious Developments
Taber, Thomas R.
         Hard Breathing Days
Tomasso III, Phillip 
      Adverse Impact (Quiet Storm Publishing, June 2003)
       Johnny Blade (Barclay Books, July 2002)
       Third Ring (Barclay Books, November 2001)
       Tenth House (Dry Bones Press, January 2001)
       Mind Play (Dry Bones Press, February 2000)
       King Gauthier and the Little Dragon Slayer (Port Town Publishing--pen name:Grant R. Philips) November 2003
Turkovitz, Karen 
         Oh Frannie! A Frannie Flotnick Adventure
Underhill, Joy
Underwood, Victoria
     Riparian Rites
     Gypsy Bay
     Bean Point
     Lilac Sunday
Valentine, Sally
      The Ghost of the Charlotte Lighthouse
      Theft at George Eastman House
      What Stinks? An Adventure in Highland Park
       Lost at Seabreeze
Vande Velde, Vivian  (View information about her books)
      Alison, Who Went Away
       Being Dead
       The Changeling Prince
       A Coming Evil      
       Companions of the Night
       The Conjurer Princess
     Curses, Inc. and Other Stories
       Dragon's Bait
       Ghost of a Hanged Man
       Heir Apparent
       A Hidden Magic
      Magic Can Be Murder
      Never Trust a Dead Man
      Once Upon a Test:  Three Light Tales of Love
      The Rumpelstiltskin Problem
      Smart Dog       
      Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird
      Theres a Dead Person Following My Sister Around
      Troll Teacher
      User Unfriendly 
      A Well-Timed Enchantment
      Witch's Wishes
      Wizard at Work

Viglucci, Pat
       Growing up Italian in God's Country
Vincent, Lesia
Voelkers Palumbo, Anne
        The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Survival Guide
von Sturmer, Richard   (photos by Joseph Sorrentino)
        Images from The Center - Daily Life at an American Zen Center
Walsh, Ellen Stoll
      Mouse Paint
Ward, Thom
        Small Boat with Oars of Different Size (Carnegie Mellon University Press)
        Tumblekid (University of South Carolina-Aiken)
Warsawer, Carole
        Summer Programs at New York Colleges for Kids 8-18
Watkins, Susan M.
        Conversations with Seth (vols. 1 & 2)
        Dreaming Myself, Dreaming a Town
        Garden Madness: The Unpruned Truth about a Blooming Passion
        Speaking of Jane Roberts: Remembering the Author of the Seth Material
        What a Coincidence! The WOW! Factor in Synchronicity and What it Means in Everyday Life
Watts, Bridget
Weber, Dr. Ellen
        Student Assessment that Works: A Practical Approach,  
       Roundtable Learning: Building Understanding through Enhanced MI Strategies
Webster, Jani Johe
        Silhouette of a Soul
White, Mary C.
        Tales of a Half Shell
Wietgrefe, Joanne Denton (Edited by)
        Will I Ever be Somebody? - The 1918 Diary of May Frances Denton
Wilder, Patrick        
       Seaway Trail Guidebook to the War of 1812
Williams, Ted
        Ted Williams Aviation Art
Wilson, Keith
Fates Janitors: Mopping up Madness at a Mental Health Clinic
Wojciechowski, Susan
        The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
        The Best Halloween of All
Wolfe, Norman E. 
        Birding in Central and Western New York, Best Trails and Water Routes for Finding Birds 
Women's Foundation of Genesee Valley
        In Celebration of Women
Young, Donatella
        Uncharted Journey
Zuckerman, Mary Ellen
        A History of Popular Women's Magazines in the U.S. 1792-1995


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