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Jenksville State Forest

Well, based on the information I got from this website, the highlight we aimed for was on Yellow Trail #4 - the Oak Tree with a 60-inch diameter trunk. The tree was large, I'll admit, but not spectacular. In the meantime, the trail was pretty, aside from the rather lengthy stretch where the Jenksville State Forest borders some private land and there is a pluthera of man made markings to indicate that division of property. Lots of painted trees and stapled signs and barbed wire fense remnants. All in all, we didn't really see much else, other than getting to and from the Oak Tree, so I have yet to catch more of this park. I'll grant you it was a very pleasant experience with the fresh snow from the Valentines Day Snow Storm of 2007 just a couple of days before. Nice stands of pine and a sufficient feeling of isolation to get some alone time with nature. Lots of wildlife tracks too. Deer, rabbit, mice, squirrel, and me leaving tracks all over. Good times...

Connecticut Hill

The scenery and hike is excellent, I'm planning on doing it again as soon as the leaves start to change. The one downside to it is there are a lot of trails that shoot off the main path that aren't marked. We ended going for a longer hike than anticipated because we thought we were following the correct trail but weren't.  A GPS would be a very useful tool to bring along with you if you plan on hiking there and want to explore some of the other paths.

Highland Forest

Trails are good, however with all the rain we have had, they are very muddy. Plus many of them allow bikes, which causes even more erosion. I did both the 3.0 and 4.2 mile loops.