Farm Artifact Trail

  Greece Canal Park, Greece
Directions:  From Ridge Road West, turn south on Elmgrove Road. Turn west into Greece Canal Park. The parking area is immediately on the right.
Alternate Parking: None
Hiking Time: 35 minutes
Length: 1.1 mile loop
Surface: Woodchip and dirt paths
Trail Markings:   White, blue, and yellow blazes
Dogs:   OK on leash
Admission:   Free
Contact: Monroe County Parks Department, 171 Reservoir Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

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Windmill Blades
One of several artifacts found along the trail


As you walk this trail, think back to the days when farmers worked the soil to produce crops. There are stone walls in many places along the way that were used to separate fields. Where do you think the stones came from? Your vision will be assisted by farm artifacts left on the land when farming ceased. This is a treasure hunt trail. See if you can find all 6 farm artifacts:

1. Plow — This double-bottom plow could be pulled by a horse or a tractor. The two blades would each turn the earth to one side, making furrows. Why do you think each wheel is on a separate axle?

2. Drag — The drag loosens the earth and pulls up small stones. The handle could adjust how deep the curved piece would go. Would a farmer use the drag before or after the plow?

3. Hay Rake — This rakes hay into piles for making bales. Some pieces are missing. What do you think the missing pieces looked like?

4. Wagon — The wooden parts of this wagon rotted away. The metal axis and curved parts for steering were left. How long do you think it would take for the wooden parts to rot?

5. Wheel — Envision a bumpy ride in the hay wagon on this metal wheel.

6. Windmill Blades — Windmills catch the energy of the wind and make it do useful work. Windmills were used to pump water, grind grain into flour, and even run sawmills. What do you think the farmer used this windmill for?

You will be following the blue and white-blazed trail north and use the yellow-blazed side loops on your return journey. Beware of poison ivy along the edges of the trail.

Trail Directions

• From the parking area head north on the blue-blazed trail.
• Continue straight past a small blue-blazed loop to the left. The trail snakes through the woods.
• Pass a white-blazed trail to the left. It’s a cut-off trail that is blocked off.
• Reach a "T," and turn right (NE) onto the white trail.
• At 0.2 mile, bear right (N) on the white trail. (Straight is the blue-blazed trail.)
• Continue straight, crossing a wide mowed-grass path. (Right goes to private land. Left leads to a sports field.)
• Shortly, pass a yellow trail to the left. Bear right staying on white.
• Pass two other yellow trails on the left at 0.3 mile. Bear right to stay on white.
• Notice the first of the stone walls. Watch for artifacts 2,3,4, and 5 as you walk beside the walls.
• At 0.4 mile, pass another yellow trail to the left. Continue straight on white.
• At the "T," turn left. Watch for artifact 6.
• At 0.5 mile, the trail bends sharply right and crosses the stone wall.
• Reach a "T" at 0.6 mile. Turn right (E). Left is a short blue trail to a grass area.)
• Reach a "T" at 0.7 mile, and turn right (S).
• At the next intersection turn left (S) onto the white-blazed trail.
• Turn right (S) onto the yellow-blazed trail.
• At a "T" turn right on a white trail then an immediate right onto yellow.
• Pass the windmill (artifact 1) at 0.8 mile.
• Reach a white "T" and turn right.
• Cross the wide grass path.
• At 0.9 mile, turn left to stay on the white-blazed trail. (The blue trail to the left leads to the park road.)
• Turn left onto the blue trail. (Straight ahead the white trail leads to the road.)
• Follow the blue trail as it winds back to the parking area.


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