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Location:       Black Creek Park, Union Street, Chili  
Directions:    Take the Union Street exit off Interstate 490 and head south on Union Street. Turn right to enter Black Creek Park and follow the park road left to the parking area near Woodside Lodge.
Alternative Parking: At the north end of the park road
Hiking Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Length:          4.2 mile loop
Difficulty:      two boots
Surface:         Mowed-grass and dirt paths
Trail Markings:    Some junctions are marked with blue-and-white numbered signs on wooden posts
Uses:              Hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding
            OK on leash
Admission:     Free
Contact:         Monroe County Parks Department       
                       171 Reservoir Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620   (585) 256-4950

Black Creek is the centerpiece of this park in southwestern Monroe County. Purchased in 1963, the park has large tracts of undeveloped, rolling hills with two small ponds. Its trails wind through tall brush and young forest areas which attract many kinds of birds. Six-foot wide paths are mowed throughout the park creating many possible hiking or cross- country skiing loops. Deer are plentiful in the park.

Trail Directions
From the southeast corner of the parking area, walk east along the mulched trail.
Turn right (S) and pass a gate.
Turn right at the T.
At 0.2 mile, pass benches on the right overlooking a depression area.
Pass junction marker #11 and a small trail into the woods on the right. Continue straight (SW).
At 1.0 mile, enter the woods. Bear left to stay on the main trail.
Stay on the main trail, passing a small trail to the right.
Reach junction marker #12 at 1.2 miles. Continue straight (W).
Cross a wooden bridge.
Bear right toward the red barn.
At 1.5 miles cross the parking area.
Bear left around the far side of the pond.
Half way down the pond, turn left (W) and head uphill into the woods.
Follow the top of an open ridge then descend into woods.
At 2.1 miles, cross a small boardwalk then proceed through a wet area.
Cross a makeshift bridge then a small boardwalk over a creek.
Reach a mowed area.
Reach a T at 2.3 miles. Turn right (NE). (Left leads to a road.)
Bear right staying on the wide path when a small trail heads left.
At 3.1 miles, reach a T. Turn right (S). (Left leads to Chili Riga Center Road.)
Continue straight past a trail to the left.
Turn right to cross a small wooden bridge to junction marker #19.
At junction marker #18 turn left (NE).
The trail bends right and Black Creek gully comes into view on the left.
Pass a trail to the right.
Reach junction marker #17 with another trail to the right at 3.5 miles.
Walk through a grassy picnic area.
At the end of the mowed area, follow the gravel trail uphill.
Continue straight.
At 3.7 miles, just before the park road, turn left (SE) on a grass path.
At 3.9 miles reach a park road. Turn left along the road, then bear left (SE) onto the grass path.
Continue straight across a park road.
Follow the grass path back to the parking area.


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