Indian Hill Section

    Route 31, Perinton
Directions:  From Interstate 490, take Route 31 (Pittsford-Palmyra Road) east. Pass Route 250. The parking area will be on the right between Turk Hill Road and Hogan Road.
Alternative Parking: None
Hiking Time:1 hour
Length:         2.1 mile loop
Difficulty:     3 boots
Surface:        Dirt and mowed-field paths
Trail Markings:    Orange and blue blazes painted on trees
Uses:            Hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing         
Dogs:            OK
Admission:   Free
Contact:       The Crescent Trail Association
                      P.O. Box 1354, Fairport, NY 14450

This trail is well-blazed and easy-to-follow. It goes through meadows and woods to a high vantage point (elevation 714 feet) overlooking suburban Perinton and the Rochester skyline in the distance. In the rear (S) section you’ll see farm fields and horse pastures. Follow blue blazes outbound and yellow blazes for the return.

Trail Directions
• From the parking area, head through the split-rail fence, straight (S), uphill. (At the start of the trail you’ll pass a trail to the left which will be part of the return loop.)
• At the Y, bear left. (The trail to the right dead-ends at a field.)
• At the clearing, turn right to stay on the blue-blazed trail. (Left is a trail up to the viewpoint.)
• Pass through the woods and cross a field heading south.
• Reach the edge of the field at 0.3 mile. Turn left (E) along the edge of the field.
• At a junction turn right (SE) on the yellow trail. (Watch for poison ivy.)
• Pass a yellow trail to the left. Continue straight on the blue trail.
• Head into a gully and cross a brook. Bear right on the blue trail. (To the left is an unblazed trail.)
• The blue trail makes a big S curve out of the gully.
• At 0.6 mile, pass the red trail to the left. Continue straight (S) inside the woods on the blue trail.
• Cross wood planks.
• Cross a gravel farm road at 0.6 mile, and continue straight (S) on the blue trail, past a pond on your left. The view is of farm fields & horse pastures.
• Continue straight as the blue trail turns right (S).
• Reach a junction with yellow to the left and right. Straight is an unmarked trail that goes to an open field. Turn left (N) onto yellow.
• Pass the pond again on the left.
• Cross the farm road, staying on the yellow trail. A Porta Potty is in the bushes.
• Cross a gully on a small bridge.
• At the “T,” turn right, staying on yellow. (Left is an unmarked trail.)
• Pass a small, unmarked side trail on the right. (It leads to the open field).
• Turn right at double yellow blaze and cross the creek on a small bridge. (Straight ahead is the red trail.)
• Pass unmarked trail on left (a cut over from red trail).
• The yellow trail takes a hard left. (A small unlabeled trail heads toward the power lines.)
• Cross creek on bridge
• Cross a wet area on planks.
• At a T, turn right, continuing on yellow (N). (Watch for poison ivy.)
• Bear right and cross the field heading north.
• Leave the field and enter woods. Bear left on yellow to the viewpoint & picnic table area. (Blue goes straight.)
(Note: a side trail heads east from the picnic table and connects to the blue trail.)
• Continue straight (N) across the field where trail “Y’s”. Bear right. (Left is an unmarked trail that is blocked off.)
• Pass the blue trail on the right, continuing straight.
• Head downhill and follow the yellow trail as it doubles back. Watch for poison ivy. Pine trees indicate you’re almost back to the parking lot.


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