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     Kent Park on Schlegel Road, Webster
Directions:    From Rochester, take Route 104 east through Webster. Turn north on Salt Road and east on Schlegel Road. The parking area is on the north side of Schlegel Road.
Alternative Parking: Parking at the athletic fields of Kent Park
Hiking Time: 30 minutes
Length:          0.9 mile loop
Difficulty:      2 boots
Surface:         Mowed-grass and dirt trail
Trail Markings:  Wooden trail signs with color designations (colored dots)
Dogs:             OK on leash
Admission:     Free
Contact:         Webster Parks & Recreation Department
                       985 Ebner Drive, Webster, NY 14580   (716) 872-2911        
                       Friends of Webster Trails        http://www.webstertrails.org

Webster Arboretum is a 32-acre segment of the 84.5-acre Kent Park. Gardener Elizabeth Sykes and local garden clubs had long envisioned a unique garden of natural beauty, which would draw people for leisure, educational, and cultural activities. Finally, during the 150th year town celebrations, Webster supervisor Adrian Stanton had the arboretum land set aside, and Parks Director Donna Fauth was assigned to develop the park. George Turner, chairman of the Webster Conservation Board recruited Elmer Smith, Mike Kopicki, and Dick Finicchia to work on the arboretum design.

Elizabeth’s 20-year dream is being brought to reality through private donations coordinated by the Webster Arboretum Association, Inc., a not-for-profit charitable organization. Upon leaving the parking area, the first thing a visitor notices are the gardens. Volunteers from the five Webster Garden Clubs have built the Smith Rose Garden and a series of perennial gardens. They're designed to attract humming birds, butterflies, and the awe of human visitors with splashes of brilliant color.

Next to the gardens sits the Norman R. Curry building with a multi-purpose room and restrooms. According to Webster's dictionary, an arboretum is a place where many kinds of trees and shrubs are grown for exhibition and study. Beyond the gardens of the Webster Arboretum, a trail leads past a pond, into the trees and shrubs available for your study.

The wide trails are marked with color coded signs so you'll be able to wander and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature with peace of mind. Benches are found periodically along the trail, inviting you to sit and savor your surroundings.

The trails are labeled as:   
Red:    Old Apple Trail   
Blue:    Judge Trail   
Yellow:    Bird Trail   
White:    Arbor Trail   
Purple:    Sumac Trail   
Green:    Kodiak Trail   
Grey:    Eagle Scout Trail

Trail Directions
• From the parking area, stroll through the rose garden and head straight back (N) toward an information shelter and sign “Arboretum Trails.”
• Pass the information shelter and continue straight on the white Arbor Trail.
• Pass the red Old Apple Trail to the right and continue straight. (The trail will be lined by a rail fence. Notice the old apple trees around you.)
• At the intersection the purple Sumac Trail will be to the right and an unmarked trail to the left. Continue straight on the white trail.
• At 0.4 mile the yellow Bird Trail will head off to the right, bear left (NW) staying on the white trail.• Enter deep woods and the grass trail will turn to dirt.
• At 0.5 mile, cross a small wooden bridge over the creek.
• Bear right (NE) after the bridge.
• Turn right onto the blue Judge Trail (The beige trail straight ahead leads to the playing fields.)
• The trail bed will return to mowed grass.
• Emerge from the woods and you'll see soccer fields to your left. Bear right to re-enter the woods.
• Cross a small wooden bridge at 0.7 mile.
• Just after the bridge you'll reach a “T” with a yellow trail to the right. Turn left (S) on the blue trail.
• Pass through an open shrub area.
• At the next “T,” turn right (SW) on the purple Sumac Trail. (Left goes to the playing fields.)
• Pass through a sumac thicket.
• At 0.8 mile, turn left (S) on the green Kodiak Trail. (To the right is the purple trail.)
• Bear right to stay on the green trail at the next junction. (Left is the grey Eagle Scout Trail back to the garden area.)
• Watch carefully for a left turn to stay on the Kodiak Trail. (Straight leads through an old apple orchard on the non-distinct Old Apple Trail.)
• Cross a small wooden bridge.
• Continue straight across mowed grass. The pond will be to your right.
• Cross through the rose garden to return to the parking area.


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