Salmon Creek

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Location:                             Sodus, Wayne County
Directions:                           From Route 104 in Sodus, head north on Route 134. Turn right (E) onto Lake Road. Pass Maxwell Road then watch to the left for an unlabeled parking area for Beechwood State Park.
Launch & Take-out Site:    From the parking area it's a 40 yard carry across grass, through a semi-circle of lean-tos to a gradual grass and dirt slope.
Best Season to Visit:           Spring
Nearby B&B:                      Maxwell Creek Inn sits on the east shore of Salmon Creek, 7563 Lake Road, Sodus, New York 14551 (315) 483-2222,
Paddling Distance:              Salmon Creek to Maxwell Bay is 0.5 mile. Maxwell Pond is 0.2 mile long
Estimated Time to Paddle: 30 minutes to 2 hours
Difficulty:                            1 paddle
Other Activities:                  Fish for rainbow trout, steelhead and coho salmon, hike on a a network of trails (swimming is not allowed)
Amenities:                            Outhouses and lean-tos near the parking area
Dogs:                                    OK on leash
Admission:                            Free
Contact:                                NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation New York State Parks, Albany, NY 12238   (518) 474-0456

Visiting this area brought back a flood of memories. As a child I spent many happy summer weeks at Girl Scout Camp Beechwood. In 1999 New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation bought the camp lands and turned it into a state park. The land is undeveloped but contains buildings and a network of trails from the scouting days.
Is this Salmon Creek (one of many) or Maxwell Creek? That is a good question. Almost every written reference refers to it as Maxwell Creek but similarly, almost every map labels it as Salmon Creek. The bay however, is steadfastly called Maxwell Bay. Immediately north of Lake Road, Salmon Creek is snarled with a mass of downed trees so you can't paddle upstream. But, downstream is clear and deep. The water is dotted with water lilies and is stained orange from tannin. The current is minimal, even in spring. The creek winds past DEC lands on the east shore until it bends west to meet Maxwell Bay. The bay is only about a foot deep. A high treed bank separates Maxwell Bay from Lake Ontario. It makes a great picnic spot. There is a small opening to the lake.

Paddling Directions:       
From the parking area, bear right to carry your boat through a semi-circle of lean-tos to the water's edge.
- Head downstream in Salmon Creek.
- Explore Maxwell Bay or head out to Lake Ontario.
- Return down Salmon Creek.
- Explore at will.

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