take a paddle western ny kayaking and canoeing

54 Maps, 22 pictures
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Take A Paddle
Western New York

Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks




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A Comprehensive Paddling Guide to Flat-Water Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Rivers in Western New York

Slide the bow of your canoe or kayak across the shore of a grass-lined pond or the gravel shore of a stream. Dip your paddle into the cool, still water and glide downstream to enjoy the solitude and explore hidden pools and alcoves. Perhaps search for pitcher plants in a sphagnum moss bog, watch fish dart below your boat or spot a deer standing in the creek around the next bend. The discoveries are almost endless from water level.

Take a Paddle - Western New York Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks is a map-filled guide for beginning and intermediate paddlers. And for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of a flat-water paddle. It will lead you to 20 ponds and small lakes and over 250 miles of streams and rivers


Location of Waterways 


Paddles in Monroe, Livingston and Steuben Counties
1    Sandy Creek   
2    Salmon and West Creeks        
3    Buck Pond      
4    Genesee River (Charlotte Area)     
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5    Irondequoit Creek (Ellison Park to Irondequoit Bay)
6    Erie Canal - Oxbow Loop        
7    Genesee River, Erie Canal and Red Creek
8    Black Creek (Chili)                   
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9    Black Creek (Route 19 to Churchville Dam)Sue Freeman on Black Creek
10  Mendon Ponds    
11  Honeoye Creek and Genesee River (Rush to Scottsville)           
12  Twin Cedars Pond
13  Conesus Inlet
14  Almond Lake 

Paddles in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties
15  Clossner�s Marsh   
16  Palmers Pond 
17  Genesee River (Wellsville to Belmont)               
18  Genesee River (Belmont to Portageville)         
19  Alma Pond / Beaver Lake           
20  Hanging Bog 
21  Ischua Creek (Franklinville to Hinsdale)
22  Olean Creek (Hinsdale to Olean) 
23  Oswayo Creek (Shinglehouse, PA to Toll Gate, NY) 
24  Allegheny River (Mill Grove to Portville)  
25  Allegheny River (Allegany to Kill Buck) 
26  Great Valley Creek (Ashford to Salamanca) 
27  Red House Lake
28  Quaker Lake
29  New Albion Lake 
30  Cassadaga Creek (South Stockton to Levant)
31  Chadakoin River (Falconer to Levant)
32  Conewango Creek (Clarks Crossing to Frewsburg)
33  Bear Lake 
34  Cassadaga Lake  

Paddles in Niagara, Erie, Orleans and Genesee Counties
35  Buffalo River Urban Canoe Trail (West Seneca to Buffalo)  
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36  Burnt Ship & Woods Creeks    
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37  Bond Lake      
38  Eighteenmile Creek (Burt Dam north to Olcott)   
39  Tonawanda Creek (Batavia to North Pembroke) 
40  Tonawanda Creek (Wolcottsville to Wendelville)        
41  DeWitt Quarry   
42  Oatka Creek (Backwaters of the LeRoy Dams)
43  Glenwood Lake       
44  Johnson Creek (Lyndonville to Blood Road)         
45  Johnson Creek (Route 18 to Lake Ontario)  

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Paddling Clubs
Paddling Instruction 
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Waterways by Level of Difficulty 
Waterways by Length  
Waterways by Season  
On-site Camping Available
Round-trip Paddling Possible
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Head out for a fun adventure knowing:

  where multiple launch and take-out sites are located

  the difficulty level of each waterway

where to view current water conditions on the Internet

the approximate time it will take to paddle

amenities and fun diversions found nearby for yourself and your children

where to camp next to or near the waterway

when is the best season to paddle each waterway

where to rent canoes or kayaks

where to find commercial shuttle services

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54 Maps, 22 pictures
224 pages
Size - 5.5" X 8.5"

ISBN# -  1-930480-23-7