Ponds of the Finger Lakes & Central Region of NYS


Yes, you can paddle the Finger Lakes themselves. But, they tend to be large lakes that are long and skinny. While paddling them you have to contend with wind, waves, and motorboats. Lucky for paddlers, the Finger Lakes region is dotted with many small lakes and ponds that are off the normal “tourist radar” and offer a much more pleasant human-powered boating experience. They also offer diversity. Each has a personality of its own, making pond hopping a fun Finger Lakes region sport.

  1. Looking for shallow and pristine? Then choose Parker Pond or Otter Lake. They both sit between Cato & Meridian. It’s just you and the wildlife in these ponds tucked inside a wooded wetland.
  2. For a totally different experience go paddle Kasoag Lake & Green Pond. These waterways sport convoluted shorelines dotted with vintage cottages. Be a peeping Tom as you wind in and out of the lily-filled coves and among pine dotted islands.
  3. Labrador Pond is a natural glacial pond tucked in a valley between steep wooded hills without a man-made structure in sight. After paddling, head across Route 91 and take a short walk up a trail to Tinker Falls. Here, you can walk behind the wall of water as it plummets off the limestone caprock.
  4. Take a picnic lunch and paddle out to Red Bank Island in Lamoka Lake where you can swing off a tree rope, swim, and enjoy a leisurely meal with a spectacular view.

Maps and details for each of these pond adventures and others can be found in the guidebook “Take A Paddle – Finger Lakes New York Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks.