Take a Paddle - Comments from Trails.com users

Genesee River (Charlotte area)

Access to the drop in point at the park was somewhat difficult unless you knew someone to open the gates. You definitely want a cart of some sort to get your gear down the incline... thank god you don't have to come back up. Very quiet, calm water, nearly no current... nice views of of the surroundings.  Wildlife was abundant... deer, a hawk, geese, a swan, and several jumping fish.

Black Creek (Chili)

On June 21, 2007 we canoed the Black Creek. It was a nice trip. The launching area was clean. We paddled upstream until we came across a fallen tree, past the railroad bridge (second bridge), which took us about an hour. There is some noise from airplanes (about one every 15 minutes), and a passing train, but otherwise surprisingly quiet for being near a large city. The fish are huge, and a heron kept landing near us. On the whole trip we only saw 2 other kayakers coming downstream.

Buffalo River Urban Canoe Trail (West Seneca to Buffalo)

The trail is interesting and taking the trail guide along is deffinitely the way to go. There were just two problems that were really quite serious for this trail - one the trail head off Harlem road is just one slippery mess, it is truly a chore just to stand, not to mention hauling a kayak in and out. My score for slippery falls was three on land and one to my knees just in the waters edge- the other is the opposite end of the trail at the Ohio street takeout. The concrete ramp seems to be about twelve feet or so wide at best and would not lend itself well to my seventeen foot kayak. Worst of all the ramp was full of debree which apparently had found a home there. I would not recommend this trail without full warnings on the slipperiest mud I've ever seen, and only if the trip was a round trip, not planning on the Ohio St.takeout. I don't know how the oneway time was figured but round trip took us just about four and a half hours, that incuded a snack and stretch stop at the Cazenovia Creek.

Burnt Ship & Woods Creek

This is one of my favorite short paddles in Erie County. I have paddled here many times. You can head into residential areas on Woods Creek if you want, but it's better to cross the earthen dam and venture back into the reeds of Buckhorn Wildlife Area. By mid-summer, much of it is thick with lillies, so you will have to fight through in places. It's also nice to venture out a ways on the the Niagara River. It is calm and shallow along the Grand Island shore. There is a grass island a little ways off shore where the fishing is supposed to be very good. 

East Bay, Mudge Creek, and Chimney Bluffs

Chimney Bluffs certainly offers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors whether on foot or by water. There is a nice picnic area at the main park with several different trails. There are several different options by canoe or kayak in the East Bay area. When we paddled Mudge Creek to East Bay the creek was very quiet and scenic but the bay seemed to be very busy - boaters, Jet Skis, etc. There are better canoeing opportunities on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario if you prefer a more quiet time. If you don't mind sharing the water with motor boats and Jet Skis then this is a nice paddle. It is also a good place to go if you want to break up your day - some canoeing/kayaking and some hiking.






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