The new edition of Take a Hike! Family Walks in the Rochester, NY Area has just been published. This wonderful book is the most comprehensive guide to family-friendly outdoor hikes in our area, and it sits on the Ross family bookshelf that is closest to the door, so as to be handy for whenever the hiking mood strikes us. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without it, and so I can't wait to receive my copy of the new edition, with lots of new hikes detailed in the Freemans' engaging, easy-to-absorb informative style.
Debra Ross,

Bought "Take A Hike! Family Walks in the Rochester, NY Area" yesterday and did the 8.2 mile hike on the Hojack Trail in Webster where I live. It was easy to find, the history about the trail in the book was interesting and we are looking forward to finding other hikes around our home we didn't know were there! Very user friendly book. After each hike there is a place where you can jot down notes, great for keeping track of hikes you want to repeat.
C. Sudore via New York News (

"Take A Hike! Family Walks in the Rochester, NY Area" is an excellent tool for hikers. If you're not an avid hiker it has tips for you so you can learn. Accurate to the regional area, and covers many trails I didn't know about! Good Buy.
Marci C. via New York News (

My husband, who is a teacher and home with the kids all summer, has a hiking morning with them once a week, using "Take A Hike! Family Walks in the Rochester, NY Area" as his guide. Everyone loves it. The kids were 4 and 6 last year when they started and I think this is something they will enjoy for years. I can't believe how many trails are so close by and so interesting in different ways, and I can't imagine how we'd know about them otherwise. No one with kids wants to just set off on a walk and have no idea how far it will go before looping back!
I appreciate this book even more since the kids have wanted to hike while we were visiting my parents south of Buffalo. That area offers a lot of interesting parks as well as Zoar Valley and Allegany State Park, but getting information about trails is tough. My biggest complaint about this book is that we got spoiled and we want the same sort of information about every park and trail in the state!
A. Allen via New York News (

It's rare as a book reviewer that you find something to rave about - but then that's what makes a special catch so special. Such a book is Take A Hike!. You know you've found a good hiking guide when the corners of the pages are well-thumbed and there are bookmarks and souvenirs (like pressed leaves) in between pages after only a few months.
Jillian St. Jacques, The Greece Post

The greater Rochester area has plenty of trails for you and the kids to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. And locating those trails has never been easier thanks to Take A Hike!.
Beth Pessin, Genesee Valley Parent

Don't be fooled into thinking that all of the walks in Take A Hike! are easy ones. The Freemans have rated their hikes by using a "boot" system - a one-boot trail is easy hiking, whereas a four-boot trail might involve more serious vertical walking.
Jillian St. Jacques, The Greece Post

Imagine hiking through the Lost City of Tryon, navigating Plaster Woods, and exploring Hardwood Swamp. Such names conjure images of exotic getaways. But actually, these are local hiking trails featured in Take A Hike!
Ellen Rosen, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Take A Hike! is a real discovery, with the rewards being not just the book itself, but the hiking and knocking about that result from it. It is a book rich in experiences - a book that the reader will not only want to explore, but take along on further explorations.
Jillian St. Jacques, The Greece Post

If you enjoy getting out and learning more about the area, "Take A Hike" and "Take Your Bike" will be nice additions to your bookshelf.
Gary Fallesen, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Grab the kids and hit the trails. "Take A Hike" and "Take Your Bike" have taken the guesswork out of planning, so you can pick a destination and head out on (almost) a moment's notice. The only things you'll need to remember are the snacks and these guidebooks.
Beth Pessin, Genesee Valley Parent