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Keuka Lake Outlet Trail

Nice trail that makes for an easy hike -- very flat.  If you only want to do one way, transportation options back are limited.  The history provided was very informative, but it would have been nice to have more mileage references.  It would be a very nice bike trip at 14 miles.  We just didn't have time to walk there and back.  Nicely maintained trail.

This trail is OK. You do get some great views from the top of the hills while you're still in the fields. The road leading up to the parking area needs improvement as it seems to be getting washed away.  But it's a free hike! And close to the Erie Canal Park.

Camillus Forest Unique Area Trails

This trail is OK. You do get some great views from the top of the hills while you're still in the fields. The road leading up to the parking area needs improvement as it seems to be getting washed away.  But it's a free hike! And close to the Erie Canal Park.

Erie Canal Park Trails

A very nice flat trail. If you're looking for a quiet place to walk, this is the place.

Baltimore Woods Trails

Very nice place for a hike. Trails well maintained and marked.

Lime Hollow Center Trails

I did the Recommendation Hike #2 which was a 3.3 mile loop. Trails are all well marked, with benches and bridges over small streams. Very nice area for some great hiking.

Chimney Bluffs State Park Trails

Our group started the Bluff Trail from East Bay Road. It started with steps by the restrooms and then a steep grade for about a couple hundred yards the levels out near the top of the bluff. This trail follows the cliff edge in a gradual declining grade and in places, the old trail has fallen away when a piece of the cliff eroded away. A great view of the spires and Lake Ontario. We reached Meadow Trail and walked to the pavillion to refresh and returned east by the shore.

Beautiful views and scenic trails. Good free parking and restrooms. Highly recommended for family outing.

James B. Kennedy State Forest Trails

A very well marked trail.  Great views from the top of Virgil Mountain.

Tuller Hill State Forest Trails

A nice hike through a portion of the FLT.  A lean-to is on the trail.  A good place to stop and take a break.

Hammond Hill State Forest Trails

A nice place for a hike. A lot of trails available to make your own loop. With no leaves on the trees, there is a nice view of Dryden Lake from the top of Star Stanton Hill.

Catherine Valley

Finding the trailhead was a little bit of a challenge.  The trail was nicely maintained and not crowded at all.  You ride almost entirely uphill the whole way from Montour Falls to Millsport so the ride back is definitely nice if you've done some intense hiking the day before.  Make sure you have some snacks with you or some cash because in Millsport you only have an icecream stand with simple food... they don't take credit cards.  On the way back you can stop and see some old gravesites just off the trail.  Would be a great ride in the fall.

Erie Canalway Trail - Pittsford to Spencerport

The portion of the Canal Trail I took was from Hen Peck Park in Greece to Brockport. This was about 14 miles. There was very little traffic--bikes or pedestrians. The land along the canal is almost rural with a few large, expensive homes interspersed among the farm fields. It  was a very enjoyable ride.  


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Gus Schick, Ithaca Times
Many guidebooks try to give an accurate account of the trails and regions they cover, but few do so as well as these. The trails are listed by region and length, so finding just the right trail for any occasion is a snap. Every trail has clear directions on how to find it, along with a wealth of useful information such as whether or not pets are allowed, a very down-to-earth difficulty rating, and even where to find a scoop of ice cream along the way.

Beth Pessin, Genesee Valley Parent
Grab the kids and hit the trails. "Take A Hike" and "Take Your Bike" have taken the guesswork out of planning, so you can pick a destination and head out on (almost) a moment's notice. The only things you'll need to remember are the snacks and these guidebooks.

Marcia Morphy, Canandaigua Daily Messenger
The softcover companion books ("Take A Hike" and "Take Your Bike") are an enormous resource for hiking and biking trails in the region, allowing readers to pick and choose from a short but picturesque 20-minute hike at Moss Lake to a five-hour walk along the Erie Canal trail from Port Byron to Jordan in Cayuga County. The books also list helpful hints, like the type of terrain, degree of difficulty and clothing and food advice, as well as a map of each area.

Michelle Miller, Western NY Family
Two beautifully prepared, thorough and easy-to-read guidebooks ("Take A Hike" and "Take Your Bike") landed on our desk this month. Both books encourage families to enjoy area trails for safe, inexpensive and educational outings. The trails can be used for hiking, bicycling, in-line skating, cross-country skiing, and dog walking.

Gus Schick, Ithaca Times
The books ("Take A Hike" and "Take Your Bike"), which are essentially guidebooks, fill a badly needed niche. While our little section of New York has an abundance of trails and places to hike and bike, there really have not been any comprehensive guidebooks to turn to for ideas and direction. The authors noticed this need and decided to fill it themselves. "Gus Schick, Ithaca Times"

Gary Fallesen, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
If you enjoy getting out and learning more about the area, "Take A Hike" and "Take Your Bike" will be nice additions to your bookshelf.